Avocado Beer is Becoming a Thing Now

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Avocado Beer is Becoming a Thing Now

In my home in California we’re fond of putting an avocado on pretty much anything. Avocado toast, avocado on salads, burritos, sandwiches… if you can eat it, there’s probably an option for an avocado to be on it.

I’ve actually had a handful of avocado cocktails as well. One thing I haven’t had with an avocado on it? Beer.

This week I came across a story about a London bar that’s taking the avocado trend a step further than we have in Cali with a new avocado stout. The beer is made by Long Arm Pub on Worship Street in London. Pints of the beer will go for £5.50.

According to Go London, the brewery combined dark malt and “creamy avocado flavor and aroma.” It’s 100% vegan.

The beer officially goes on sale in November, so no word yet on how it tastes.

After a little bit of internet searching I also discovered that California has, in fact, already tried this feat in the past. I’d say that I’m shocked, but really I’m not. Angel City Brewery made a light-bodied kolsch with avocados last year. We actually had a chance to review their avocado kolsch. Just like the London brew, Angel City Brewery said that the avocados give the beer a creamy finish, and our reviewer agreed. And just this week I’ve seen a few other avocado beers pop up around the country in posts on Instagram.

Avocado beer is a thing now. I’m not sure I’m ready.