10 Beer Steins We Wish We Owned

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10 Beer Steins We Wish We Owned

Nothing quite says “I’m a serious beer drinker” like a giant beer stein.

The word stein comes from the German word steinzeug, which means stoneware. As such, most of the first steins were made out of stoneware, a choice that was made in part due to the ease of creating elaborate designs quickly using molds. Over the years; however, steins have been made out of a ton of different materials ranging from glass and pewter to things like porcelain and silver.

While steins have certainly evolved through the years, elaborate-looking designs are still pretty prevalent. A good stein, made out of stoneware, will typically run you more than $100. If you want a stein, then those are the ones you should gravitate toward. A good stein doesn’t have to cost a bundle, however. There are a ton of interesting beer steins out there that are also worth a look. Check out the gallery for some of our favorites.