#Instagallery: Celebrate Bloody Mary Day With These 15 Beauties

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#Instagallery: Celebrate Bloody Mary Day With These 15 Beauties

It’s somewhat fitting that the first day of the year is National Bloody Mary Day. If you’re spending January 1st nursing a hangover, or just hitting your favorite brunch spot, a Bloody Mary can be a great way to kick off the new year in style.

Bloody Mary fans know that the famous drink can vary pretty dramatically depending on where and when you get it. While some Bloody fans like to keep it straight, with just tomato juice and a piece of celery or another small garnish, some other like to take things…a little further, incorporating an entire meal and more in the top of the glass.

In honor of the day, we scoured Instagram to find some of the best looking Bloody’s out there. Scroll through the gallery, above, to get a little inspiration for your own celebratory New Year’s cocktail.