Blue Point Blueberry Ale Review

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Blue Point Blueberry Ale Review

Lately, it seems you really can’t go wrong with blueberry-anything. Blueberry pies are usurping America’s former beloved pie of choice, trendy blueberry popsicle and sangria recipes on Buzzfeed are keeping the DIY minded hip and happy, and of course, there are the timeless blueberry muffins. And for those beer-minded folks, behind the frost-paned glass doors at your local bodega or grocery store, six-packs of Blue Point Brewing Company’s Blueberry Ale await to satisfy your fruity craving.

Admittedly, several beer enthusiasts (myself included) have trepidation about fruit beers, as trying them seems to be a crapshoot. Past failed fruit beer experiences include beers that did not taste even remotely like the desired fruit of choice, but instead practically attacked the palette with a disgusting mix of bitter and sours tastes. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find ridiculously saccharine beers that are apparently competing with Four Loko—those big-canned alcoholic beverages with flavors like “Blue Hurricane.” On those rare occasions though, you will find the Holy Grail of fruit beers, a balanced blend of enjoyable yet discerning flavors. Fortunately for both Blue Point and its fans, the Blueberry Ale always falls under this latter category.

When pouring, the beer quickly forms a medium snow-white head atop an amber body. A quick sniff reveals malty aromas momentarily, but the smell of the 732 pounds of fresh blueberries added to each batch eventually overtakes the nose. If you can imagine shoving your face in a newly blossomed blueberry bush, it smells just like that, right down to the freshly trimmed leaves.

Unsurprisingly with your first swig, the blueberry flavors strike first, frolicking with the sweet tooth that suckered you into sampling this beer. The beer, however, does not succumb to blueberry beer-domination—shortly after the initial hit of blueberry, the fruity notes recede to let the sweet malty flavors take the spotlight.

There’s no hoppy bite in the Blueberry Ale’s flavor profile. Instead, the beer has a light and clean finish that goes down easily, perfect for cooling off after a sweltering summer day. Don’t worry though; the beer is available year-round for your enjoyment, as it seems these days, there are always blueberries somewhere in America.

Brewery: Blue Point Brewing Company
City: Long Island, New York
Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 4.6%
Availability: Year-round, 12 oz. bottles

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