Bob Dylan Is Making Whiskey Now

Drink Features Bob Dylan Whiskey
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Bob Dylan Is Making Whiskey Now

Living legend Bob Dylan now has his own line of whiskey. The musician and Nobel Prize winner has partnered with Marc Bushala, creator of Angel’s Envy, to produce Heaven’s Door Whiskey. According to The New York Times, Dylan isn’t just putting his name on the labels, he’s a full partner in the company, giving creative oversight and direction to the brand. The new company isn’t distilling the whiskey themselves; they’re sourcing it from undisclosed locations and then finishing it with different barrel treatments.

There are three whiskies hitting the shelves soon: Heaven’s Door Straight Tennessee Bourbon, Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey and Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey. We haven’t gotten our hands on any yet, so we can’t tell you if they’re any good. They probably are, because if Angel’s Envy is any indication, Bushala knows what he’s doing.

If nothing else, the bottles look cool. Dylan has dabbled in all different kinds of artistic endeavors and apparently, he’s into ironwork these days, making ornate gates from iron. The artwork on the bottles of the new whiskey was inspired directly by those iron gates that Dylan has welded.

The original trio of whiskies will sell for $50 to $80 each, but special limited editions are also in the works. Listen, that’s not cheap when you consider how much great whiskey is already on the market for half the price. But I’ll probably buy a bottle, because when Bob Dylan creates something, I’m curious. I bought a book of his poems back in the day and I think I had a book of his paintings too. And like I said, the bottle’s pretty cool. It’ll look good on my shelf.