Brewdog Plans To Bottle a 55% Beer in a Taxidermy Squirrel

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Brewdog Plans To Bottle a 55% Beer in a Taxidermy Squirrel

Brewdog has big plans for its new Ohio brewery. When it opens the doors at its new facility in Columbus later this year (which you can own a piece of, BTW) the first beer it brews will be one for the history books: End of History, a Belgian Blonde that clocks in with ABV at a mind-boggling 55%.

The beer is in response to Ohio House Bill 37, a bill that went into effect in the state last week that removes the 12% ABV limit on beers made and sold in the Ohio. Surprisingly, it’s also not the first time they’ve made it.

The first time was in 2010. Only twelve bottles were produced and each one was sold with its own certificate, and perhaps more importantly, each beer was inside a taxidermy squirrel. Yes, you read that right: INSIDE a taxidermy squirrel.


The idea behind its… unusual packaging was to create something that was unique as the beer itself. End of History is infused with nettles from the Scottish Highlands as well as fresh juniper berries. To get to that 55% ABV, brewers use an “extreme freezing technique” that keeps the beer below freezing, allowing them to remove the water. They repeat that several times, eventually reducing hundreds of gallons down to just a few of (very) exclusive furry bottles.

“As we establish milestones of our own and celebrate historic moments in Ohio’s beer industry, it seemed natural to introduce ‘The End of History’ to America,” says Brewdog Cofounder James Watt. “This release of The End of History marks a significant milestone for our homeland away from home.”

Way to come to America with a bang.

Also, speaking of that new home, Brewdog is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to fund that brewery. The minimum investment is $95, which gets you two shares of the company. Everyone who buys at least two shares will have a say in how BrewDog is run the U.S, get free tours of the new Columbus brewery when it opens (you’ll own some of it, right?) and of the BrewDog facility in Ellon Scotland if you ever make it there. You’ll also score a 5% discount at all BrewDog bars around the world, and you’ll get an invite (and a +1) to BrewDog’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), what the brewery hopes to be a legendary beer, music, and food festival that can only been attended by shareholders.

No word yet on how you can get your hands on one of those squirrels.