Brewdog Opens Its Doors to The World’s First Beer Hotel

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Brewdog Opens Its Doors to The World’s First Beer Hotel

Independent brewer BrewDog has opened its doors to their highly anticipated “craft beer hotel,” the DogHouse. Located at the site of its U.S. brewery in Columbus, Ohio, the DogHouse is the world’s first hotel to offer guests an overnight stay inside a brewery.

“For many beer fans, the idea of a beer hotel was just a pipe-dream. A beer utopia that was never thought possible. Until now. Thanks to the backing of our global community of beer evangelists, we’ve been hard at work to make that dream a reality,” says BrewDog co-founder James Watt. “From welcome pints of Punk IPA and malt massages to brewery views and shower beers, this will be the world’s first and only fully-immersive craft beer experience from check in to check out.”


The DogHouse is an immersive craft beer experience, with several hotel features to match. The front desk isn’t really a front desk at all, but a lobby bar where guests can check in and enjoy a complimentary beer. Each of the 32 rooms features a fully stocked beer fridge with BrewDog’s finest, along with bathrooms that include built-in shower beer fridges. And if that’s not enough, a line of hop-infused soaps and other products are also available to be used in the shower. Additionally, the rooms contain beer taps via a personal keg bar, which is activated when guests purchase a growler.


Apart from the rooms, the DogHouse also has plentiful common areas with beer-related activities, including a media room to watch TV and have a beer, enjoy a game of ping (or beer) pong, or look out at the brewery from the front patio.

On top of that, four of the rooms in the DogHouse are dog-friendly, with easy access to the hotel’s dog park. Yep, that means drinks and doggos.

Right next-door, BrewDog USA has also opened an interactive beer museum. Some of the things you might learn include the history of craft beer, an exposure to the brewing process, and a deeper understanding of “the fundamental four” ingredients.


Bookings at the hotel are finally open to the public.

BrewDog first announced plans for the DogHouse in March of 2017, with a crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising $75,000. The campaign was a huge success, and Brewdog went on to secure over $300K for the hotel—four times their original goal.

“The DogHouse is truly a hotel like no other. With the help of our passionate community, we have created a must-visit destination for craft beer fans around the world,” said BrewDog USA CEO Tanisha Robinson. “We have pushed the boundaries of what modern hospitality can be, and in doing so, have created an unrivalled beery experience.”

Reservations to BrewDog’s DogHouse hotel can be made right here.