SaloonBox Delivers Cocktails To Your Door

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Going to the bar is great, but what’s even better is when the bar comes to you.

SaloonBox is a weekly cocktail kit curated by well known bar managers or mixologists that includes all of the ingredients needed to make two cocktails at home. The idea behind SaloonBox came from founder Samantha Spector spending a fortune trying to gather all of the ingredients to make craft cocktails. “What makes this service different from similar products is that we’re not delivering full sized bottles,” says Spector. “With SaloonBox, there’s no need to run to the store to buy missing items or invest in full bottles that could end up laying around in your cabinet.”

Spector was home for the holidays, trying to entertain her family by making some craft cocktails when she thought of the idea for SaloonBox. “We didn’t have the ingredients for any of the drinks we wanted to make,” Spector says, adding that buying full-sized bottles and running to the store for the missing items was expensive and frustrating. “We thought there must be a better option.” After doing some research and finding only alcohol delivery services or monthly subscriptions that cost over $100, Spector and her husband decided to build a company that would make it easy and affordable to create cocktails at home.

SaloonBox provides everything you need to make a weekly cocktail for you and a friend. Ingredients come in small bottles to avoid high prices and leftover ingredients. Each kit includes a recipe card with background information about the drink and the mixologist involved with the recipe. Bartenders include Rafael Barba, Bar Manager at Napa Valley’s Goose & Gander, and Darren Crawford, Bar Manager at The Devil’s Acre in San Francisco. Every SaloonBox also contains a letter that includes information about the ingredients and brands included.

Each mixologist is interviewed and vetted before their recipe is featured in a SaloonBox kit. Kits are priced at $25 and will be available on SaloonBox beginning in September. In the meantime, check out their Kickstarter project.