The Most Popular Beer Styles in Each State

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The Most Popular Beer Styles in Each State

I travel a good deal, which means I have the opportunity to see what types of beer are popular in different parts of the country and world.

For instance, I just got home from a week in Belize and the entire time I was there could find nothing by lagers and Guinness.

Where you are definitely influences what you drink. The Business Broker Network recently took a look at what people are filling their fridge with (or at least their search history with) in every state in the U.S.

In my home of California people are searching for Pale Ale more than anything else, which is no surprise given we’re the birthplace of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, arguably one of the most popular representations of the style out there.

Wonder where your home state lines up? Check out the image below for what’s at the top of all 50 state’s search history: