The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History is Seeking an Official Beer Historian for Hire

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Fancy yourself a fan of craft beer? Fancy yourself a knowledgable, responsible drinker? Then a job at the Smithsonian Institution could very well be in your future.

The government-funded museum conglomerate is currently seeking to fill a new three-year position called “beer historian.” The job requires field and archival research into a new museum initiative to document American brewing history, with a focus on the craft movement.

Currently, the museum has info on brewing before 1950, but it’s looking to tap into the movements from 1960 and beyond. The fruits of this research project would funnel into Smithsonian’s Food History initiative, which examines the country’s changing eating habits.

The ideal candidate is, of course, a lover of good brew, but must also have proven experience in scholarly research, organizing and conducting oral history interviews, writing for both scholarly and general audiences, and knowledge of material culture and archival materials.” The job posting also states that a graduate degree in a related field is a big plus.

And, as confirmed by The Huffington Post’s conversation with museum curator Paula Johnson, the historian would, of course, have the chance to sip on the frothy subject of all this research.

“It would be hard to research brewing history without the occasional tasting,” she said. “But we are not looking for a beer taster—we are looking to hire an experienced historian with a specialization in business, brewing, food or cultural history.”

If you qualify for all the above, send a CV, cover letter and three references to Abigail Karow at

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