Six Ways to Eat Your Alcohol!

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Humankind has been searching for better and more fun ways to get drunk since the glorious discovery of alcohol. Some have been successful (beer pong, shotgunning), and others have been downright weird/dangerous (tamponning, butt-chugging). Somewhere in the middle (but nice and far from butt-chugging) is edible alcohol. Instead of drinking booze (which is just lame), why not combine it with some other tastes and take the whole experience to the next level?

Below are six suggestions for ways that you can eat your alcohol…if you’re into that sort of thing.

For the Younger Crowd

Rummy Bears
This is one of the classic edible alcohol treats that can liven up any party. There are different recipe variations, but here’s the gist: Put the gummy bears in a bowl, pour your choice of alcohol over top until all the bears are submersed, cover them with some plastic, and let them soak up the booze. The longer you let them soak, the better (some recipes advise two to four days), but if you’re pressed for time, five to eight hours should be fine.

Jello Shots
Jello shots are perhaps the most well-known way to eat your alcohol on any list of this sort. However, if you’re getting bored with the same, boring gelatine concoctions, it might be time to spice things up a little bit. We found recipes that include sliced oranges (also helps fight scurvy), multiple layers of Jello, and cleverly hiding fruit inside each shot (again, presumably to fight scurvy).

Booze-Soaked Fruit
This one follows the same idea for the gummy bears, except it’s fruit this time so it’s totally healthy. The standard is vodka-soaked watermelon, but it doesn’t take much to experiment with this one. Pineapple and rum is a great place to start. And don’t be afraid to make some infused fruit kabobs as well.

Just a Bit Classier

These certainly aren’t the easiest booze treats to make, but they are the tastiest. Because of alcohol’s low freezing point, you have to use just the right amount of alcohol (one and a half ounces or one shot per every cup of juice) to ensure the popsicle won’t become a slushie. This recipe for Peach Bourbon Lemonade popsicles looks easy enough.

Drunk Pizza
Now, to really class up the fruit idea, use some of those booze-soaked delights on a pizza. Some alcohol will cook off, but the objective here isn’t to get completely obliterated from the pizza. And don’t ask what the objective of this is, either, because there’s no logical answer.

Beer Slushie
For those extra hot summer days, it might be a good idea to cool off with a beer slushie. Some recipes are simple enough, like pouring a beer into a shallow baking pan and putting it into the freezer (be sure to scrape the sides every 30 minutes to get all the beer involved). You can also try using the blender and adding other ingredients like fruits (oranges work well with wheat beers). If you have a little extra spending money, Kirin Ichiban makes a special slushie maker as well.