Forget Session Beers, These 15 Imperials Top 10%

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Forget Session Beers, These 15 Imperials Top 10%

Session beers are definitely having their time in the sun, as are goses, low-ABV fruity wonders that are perfect for summer days at the beach or relaxing with friends on the back porch.

We love the low-ABV trend, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge place in our hearts left for the high-ABV gems out there as well. The term “Imperial” traditionally refers to a beer (most often stout or IPA) that comes in at over 8% ABV.

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While a ton of awesome imperials clock in at just 8% (we’re looking at you Pliny) or a little over, there are quite a few that have ABVs much higher. Check out the gallery, above, for a handful of amazing Imperials that land at 10% ABV or higher. They’re perfect for sharing with a friend (or let’s be honest, maybe four).