Guinness Blonde American Lager Review

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Guinness Blonde American Lager Review

Even with the advent of the world’s craft beer revolution, there are certain classic brews that never lose their appeal. Guinness Stout is one of those.

Something about having a properly poured Guinness placed on the bar in front of you almost makes you feel like you’re drinking in Dublin, where Arthur Guinness began brewing in 1759. Though the stout now is brewed in nearly 60 countries, the slightly bitter concoction with its creamy nitrogen-infused head and notes of chocolate and coffee is the first image most folks have when they hear the term “dark beer.”

Now, Guinness has entered the light with its new Blonde American Lager.

The beer, made in Latrobe, Pennsylvania—original home of Rolling Rock pale lager—is the first in the planned Guinness Discovery Series. According to the brewery, the series is “a range of ‘fusion brew’ beers combining more than 255 years of European brewing expertise with global brewing experience in 55 countries.”

The Blonde American Lager uses the proprietary Guinness yeast along with crystal malt and American hops: Mosaic, Willamette, and Mount Hood.

It pours a deep, golden straw color. The head rises about half an inch in the glass, and quickly dissipates. The combination of hops introduces a noticeable but subtle floral and citrus aroma. The biscuit flavors from the malt remain consistent throughout, while the hoppiness seems to grow just a bit more pronounced after it rises a few degrees from refrigerator temperature.

As with most lagers, there are no flavors that will scare off the casual beer drinker, but hardcore beer geeks and fans of the more flavorful Guinness Stout might find this too tame for their palates. Regardless, it’s certainly clean and refreshing, but likely more suited for summertime drinking rather than the cold months that are approaching.

It will be interesting to see what’s next in the Guinness Discovery Series—and what color it is.

Brewery: Guinness & Co.
City: Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Style: Blonde American Lager
ABV: 5%
Availability: Nationwide in U.S. beginning mid- to late-September.