10 Hipster Beers That Aren’t Pabst

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10 Hipster Beers That Aren’t Pabst

Full confession: I don’t know what the word “hipster” means. Not really. It’s a nebulous term that’s too easy to throw around and much harder to actually pin down. Is a hipster a graphic designer with a penchant for wearing pants that are just a little bit too short? Maybe. A girl with a cat tattoo with a mobile book store that only sells vintage recipe books? Probably. But I can’t be certain, mostly because I’ve aged out of that particular demographic. I drive a mini van, not ironically, but because I like the automatic sliding doors and extra room for groceries and soccer balls.

At this point in my life, all I know is hipsters are more likely to wear scarves and beanies in the summer and they gravitate towards cheap lagers. In this article, we’re concerned with the latter characteristic: the cheap lager. We all know that hipsters revived Pabst to the point where it was too successful to be hipster anymore, so now the disaffected have moved on to less popular pastures because the minute you see a mini-van-driving guy like me ordering a particular beer, it’s no longer hipster enough.

The perfect hipster beer would be a super cheap lager that’s only brewed intermittingly based on the brewer’s day job schedule (he’s also a bus driver) and distributed to only one bar in Minnesota. From there, spare cases of the beer are bussed directly to key yarn stores all across America where, if you know the right person, you can buy three cans at a time. That’s the ideal hipster beer. Short of that, you’ll have to settle for a cheap regional lager that’s ubiquitous in a few states but super hard to find anywhere else in the country. Or a nationally distributed cheap lager with a cool bottle and label. Either one will work. Here are 10.