Home Liquor Delivery…Another Dream Comes True

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If you’ve ever drawn the short straw and had to make a liquor run in the middle of a party, you know what a downer it is to switch modes, hope you get everyone’s order right, and haul the spoils back to the shindig. Well, if you live in some of the biggest cities in the U.S., you can hang up your car keys, grab your smartphone, and leave the liquor run to someone else, thanks to a growing number of liquor delivery services.

Drizly is an app with multiple liquor store clients, serving Boston and New York City, so if your favorite exotic beverage is hard to find, one of the stores on their list likely carries it. All you do is place the order on your phone and it will be at your door in under an hour. You can even track the delivery progress while you wait. There’s a $20 minimum order and a flat delivery fee of $5. Terms like that are hard to beat, especially when you factor in gas costs, traffic and weather hassles, and the fact that you won’t miss out on any Instagrams or selfless.

LiquorCart is the go-to liquor app in the Denver area. Customers have three categories to choose from: beer, wine and spirits. Their database includes all kinds of outlets, from mom-and-pop corner stores to craft breweries; purveyors of fine wine to large liquor retailers. LiquorCart’s minimum orders and delivery fees are reasonable enough to make the service astoundingly better than doing the task yourself.

If you drink in the City by the Bay, there are two options, Lasso and Instacart. In true San Francisco style, Lasso not only offers delivery of a full line of alcoholic beverages, but will also deliver fresh cheese, veggie and meat platters, chips, dips, salsas and gourmet cookies—all for no delivery charge. They cater mostly to groups with orders averaging $150. The Instacart app serves the greater San Francisco, Chicago and Boston areas and is also accessible online. They charge a measly $3.99 delivery fee, and since they get their goods from major retailers such as Costco and major chain grocery stores, you can get a bottle of top line hooch, a 12-pack of domestic beer, a pound of ground beef and some double-roll toilet tissue all in one convenient delivery that arrives in less than an hour.

DrinkIn in Cambridge, Massachusetts offers the greenest liquor delivery service on our radar. All their deliveries are made by bicycles with carts attached. Although their hours are somewhat limited, they can get liquor to your door faster by bike than car in heavy traffic. DrinkIn started by working with only one liquor store but plans to expand to other stores and serve more cities as they grow. You can use their phone app or visit their website to place an order.