This Coffee Cup is Made of Actual Coffee

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This Coffee Cup is Made of Actual Coffee

Sure, you probably have a dozen coffee cups in your cupboard right now, but are any of them made of coffee? No, I didn’t think so.

HuskeeCup is a coffee cup made from coffee husks. The simple cup has thermal retention that will help keep your coffee warmer longer than a traditional ceramic cup, and its internal contours can help when you add milk to ensure that the milk gets integrated into your cup of joe perfectly.

Even better, the cup’s design fins out so it disperses heat and will be comfortable to hold the second you pour your coffee in, not 20 minutes later.

The cups is currently raising funds for production on Kickstarte, and has reached four times its original goal. You can preorder a pack of four now from the site for $45. Want to give the cup made from coffee a closer look? Check out the gallery above!