4 (Kind of) Healthy Juice Cocktails for Spring

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4 (Kind of) Healthy Juice Cocktails for Spring

We’ve been mixing vodka with orange juice and tomato juice since the dawn of time. One of the first crude images ever painted on a cave wall was of a Bloody Mary with a celery stick poking out of the glass. Don’t bother looking that up, it’s true. But as man has evolved, so have our juice-based cocktails. We still love a good Bloody Mary, but what about a cocktail with beet juice? Or carrot juice? Bartenders are reaching for off-centered juices of all kinds to lend savory and earthy elements to their cocktails. The upside of this new trend is you get a shot of B12 or vitamin C with your booze. So you can skip the gym, right?

Here are four juice cocktails we’re psyched to drink this spring.

Detroit Dancehall

detroit dancehall 2.jpeg
Recipe and photo from The Garret East and Grant Wheeler

1.5 oz. Rhum Barbancourt Blanc
.5 oz. Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star
1 oz. Beet juice
.5 oz. Almond orgeat
.5 oz. Lime juice

Directions: Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake. Serve neat in a juice glass with a half vinegar salt rim.

Tapped Roots

tapped roots.jpeg
Recipe and photo from The Garret East and Grant Wheeler

1.5 oz. Medley Bros Bourbon
1.5 oz. carrot juice
.5 oz. Lemon juice
.25 oz. Smoked Maple Syrup 
1-2 Tarragon leaves in the shaker
1 dash Habanero bitters

Directions: Shake and serve in a juice glass with a small rim of vinegar salt—just like the Detroit Dancehall.

Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita

bloo orange rita.jpg
Photo and recipe from Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company

½ cup Natalie’s Blood Orange Juice
2 oz. Natalie’s Margarita Mix
2 oz. Tequila
1 oz. Triple Sec

*For Jalapeño Simple Syrup
1 Cup Water
1 Cup Sugar
2-3 Jalapeño slices

Directions: In a shaker, add Jalapeño simple syrup*, Natalie’s Margarita Mix, Natalie’s Blood Orange juice, tequila, triple sec and ice. Shake, then pour into a salt rimmed glass. Garnish with a slice of jalapeño.

*Jalapeño Simple Syrup directions: In a small pot, combine water, sugar and jalapeño slices. Bring to a boil for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely. Strain through a metal sieve. Store in an airtight container in fridge, for up to 2 weeks.

 Strawberry Basil Margarita

strawberry basil margarita.jpg
Photo and recipe from Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company

1 part Tequila
1 part Natalie’s Margarita Mix
1 part strawberry basis syrup

*For Strawberry Basil Syrup
2 cups fresh strawberries
1/2 cup fresh basil leaves
1 cup Natalie’s 100% Lemon juice
1 cup sugar

Directions:  Add equal parts strawberry basil syrup, margarita mix and tequila. Serve over a generous amount of crushed ice, or blend with ice to make a frozen version. Pour into salted rimmed glasses. Garnish with a slice of lime, strawberry and a few fresh basil leaves.

*Strawberry Basil Syrup: You’re basically making your own strawberry juice here. In a food processor, pulse strawberries, basil and sugar. Pour the puree into a small pot, and add lemon juice. Bring to a boil, and reduce to a simmer. Simmer for 3 minutes. Cool completely, and pour through a metal sieve.