Martin House Brewing Company Bockslider Review

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Martin House Brewing Company Bockslider Review

Texas rockers Toadies are back with a new record and a new beer. The post-grunge group will release its sixth studio album Heretics on September 18. But earlier this year, the band teamed up with Fort Worth’s own Martin House Brewing Company to produce some brews to go with their jams.

Both these crews represent Texas hard, so this isn’t anyone’s first rodeo in the beer arena. A couple years ago, Martin House collaborated with Toadies for its Rubberneck Red inspired by the band’s breakthrough 1994 debut album Rubberneck. The Bockslider, named after the thudding, bass-heavy “Backslider” from that same LP, is like the b-side to that super successful lead single.

The Bockslider, which first premiered in April, is now enjoying its wider, but still limited release. Although technically categorized as a bock, the style and flavor seem more akin to a British-style brown ale. Dark brown in color, the Bockslider barely registers on the nose. On the palate, however, the Bockslider most prominently showcases its toasty malts. The light hops reveal themselves on the end of each sip, but leave little aftertaste.

A clean, smooth, easy drinking beer, the Bockslider’s versatility could be considered a detriment. But Martin House notes that special ingredients in the Bockslider include “sin & salvation.” They’re absolutely right in this regard. The salvation comes from its drinkability. The sin happens when that drinkability gets the best of you.

Brewery: Martin House Brewing Company
City: Fort Worth, Texas
Style: Bock, Texas Bock
ABV: 5.6%
Availability: Limited regionally on draft and in 12oz. cans

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