North Korea Claims Discovery of New Hangover-Free Alcohol

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According to the North Korean newspaper Pyongyang Times, the infamous country’s scientists have unlocked the secret to a hangover-free good time.

The newspaper reports that the newly invented concoction achieves its hangover-free affect by way of organically cultivated glutinous rice and an indigenous ginseng called insam. When sugar is replaced by the scorched rice, the herb’s bitterness is removed along with the alcohol’s hangover.

Kaesong Koryo insam is a natural herb believed to have medicinal properties. A 2014 research study found that at least red ginseng could relieve symptoms of a hangover somewhat better than water alone.

Pyongyang Times reports that the spirit “exudes national flavour” and “is highly appreciated by experts and lovers.” The 30%-40% alcohol drink has also apparently “been registered as a national scientific and technological hit,” and won a quality medal in the country.

Although North Korea is known for making exaggerated claims—including that last years Kumdang-2 injection could cure SARS and AIDS —it’s still nice to think about living the high life without feeling so low the next morning.

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