Q&A With Celebrity Tattoo Artist And Winemaker Scott Campbell

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Scott Campbell, the world-renowned tattoo artist who has inked star pals including Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West, now leaves his mark on the wine world. Joining forces with winemaker Clay Brock, the pair has created SAVED Wines, named for Campbell’s Brooklyn, New York, tattoo studio. Currently offering a Zinfandel-dominated red blend ($24) and a rosé ($15), I had the pleasure of trying the latter. As a rosé skeptic, I was pleasantly surprised by its drinkable dryness. What Campbell calls “a pink wine for tough guys,” I call a great value for such a small batch blend… better than some rosé’s I’ve had that cost nearly twice the price. See what else Campbell has to say about SAVED:

As a collaboration between you and winemaker Clay Brock, how much of a say do you have in the wines? How much of a say does he have in the art?

Campbell: I think we are both very respectful of each other’s craft. He doesn’t direct me in the artwork and I am surely not about to tell him how he should make wine, but he certainly inspired a lot of the story and “juju” that went into the design.

I love the artwork on the bottles. Can you explain the meaning behind your designs?

Campbell:Oh man, there are so many little stories and references in there. Some about Clay and his craft, some about me and my creative process; my wife, Lake, gets a little nod in there somewhere. Altogether I just wanted to make references to the idea that whatever thoughts and intentions you put out into the world will manifest themselves in one way or another, so make sure they’re positive.

It says on your site that you’re inspired by the enduring symbolism that wine brings to our tables. That’s a beautiful sentiment. Can you talk a bit more about what you mean by that?

Campbell: I guess I like the role wine has played throughout history as a symbol of romance and indulgence. Uncorking a bottle of wine is a sort of signal that everyone being poured is family. There’s no judgment being passed, so smile at whomever you’re with and don’t take anything too seriously from that point forward.

What’s your beverage of choice (when you’re not sipping on Saved)?
Campbell: Tequila.

Favorite ink on your body?
Campbell: I have a small tattoo on my leg that a buddy of mine did years ago. He did it by hand, and it came out so terrible that he felt bad and tattooed “sorry” underneath it. It’s a perfect tattoo.