Saint Archer Peach Gose Review

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Saint Archer Peach Gose Review

I’ve written a few times about my love for goses during the summer. This summer in particular has been HOT, even in my hometown of San Francisco where we’re known for our cold summers.

Goses are great in warmer months for a variety of reasons. The biggest win, in my opinion, is that they’re low in alcohol, so you can take a six pack to a cookout with the full intention of consuming the entire thing yourself and still being able to walk out of the party later without embarrassing yourself.

Goses are also often fruit based, and they’re always a little salty. The combination of a little fruit and a little salt is absolutely perfect for summer weather, and gives these beers a thirst-quenching component that you don’t necessarily find in other styles.

This past weekend when I was on my way to a friend’s birthday party I picked up a six pack of Saint Archer’s Peach Gose.

The brew is tart, but not overwhelmingly so. I didn’t get as much peach from it as I would have liked, but the fruit was faintly there and would pop up unexpectedly while I sipped. It definitely falls more into the generic sour bucket than it does a “peach beer,” but you do get a little bit of the fruit, and a bit of salt, with each sip.

It’s not my favorite gose, but it’s definitely worth grabbing if you’re looking for a low-ABV sipper for your next outdoor shindig.

Brewery: Saint Archer
City: San Diego, California
Style: Gose
ABV: 4%
Availability: Limited