A Dirty Video About Opening Wax-Capped Wine

Drink Video Slo Down Wines
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If you like your wines snooty, pretentious and just a little too cool for L’ecole, SLO Down is not your wine producer. These are the people who brought you a Malbec / Syrah blend called “Sexual Chocolate.” So assuming you like your velvety tannins and lingering finishes to have a raunchy approach and a mid-palate of goofball humor, we’re good.

The kind folks at SLO Down have just released a new 100% Cabernet Sauvignon called “Love Hammer,” a spicy, deep, intense, “thin line between heaven and hell” kind of affair. The bottle is wax-capped, and these good people have noted that folks can be a little kerfuffled by wax capped bottles. And since they are all about proper, um, handling of stuff, they’ve prepared a tutorial for you.

You’re welcome.