This Starbucks Drink Is Made With IPA

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This Starbucks Drink Is Made With IPA

We’ve all certainly heard of beers brewed with espresso, but how about one with an espresso shot poured over the top?

Starbucks, yes, Starbucks, recently announced plans to start selling an Espresso Cloud IPA, a cocktail created by one of its baristas that pairs an IPA with espresso to create a one of a kind drink.

The drink, created by Starbucks Coffee Master Justin Burns-Beach, is made by shaking espresso over ice with orange pieces and a bit of vanilla. When shaken, the espresso creates a cloud of foam that is then layered on top of an IPA right after it’s poured. Pouring the shot over the beer creates a pretty cool effect, resembling a bit of an espresso waterfall down the side of the glass. And if that isn’t enough caffeine for you, the drink is served with a shot espresso on the side as well.

Unfortunately, you can’t get one of these at every Starbucks in the country. The coffee chain is however, making it avalable now at Starbucks Evenings locations. If you have an espresso machine at home, this looks like a cocktail that would be simple enough to try on your own as well.

What do you think? Would you order an IPA with an espresso shot on it?