Summer Camp For Bartenders is Awesome

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Remember how great summer camp was? Swimming in the lake, archery, sneaking over to the girl’s camp after curfew…The only thing that would make summer camp better is booze. Enter Camp Runamok, a summer camp designed for bartenders.

At the end of every summer, 300 of the country’s best bartenders spend a week at summer camp in the middle of Bourbon Country, Kentucky. The camp was started in order to foster an appreciation for America’s native spirit among pro bartenders, and the camp is sponsored by a number of local distilleries like Maker’s Mark, Four Roses and Woodford Reserve. Each year, more than 1,000 bartenders apply for a spot in the camp. The lucky ones picked to attend Camp Runamok immerse themselves in the culture surrounding American whiskey by touring whiskey distilleries and learning the process of making America’s signature spirit. There’s also plenty of time to goof around with traditional camp activities like bikini contests, pop up dance parties and cocktail competitions. Sounds like the summer camp you went to as a kid, right? Yeah, me neither. If you think you have what it takes, find out more about Camp Runamok here.

Check out the scrapbook video one of the attendees made from last year’s camp here and the gallery of camp shenanigans above.