A Look at SweetWater's New Barrel Aging Facility

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A Look at SweetWater's New Barrel Aging Facility

Atlanta-based SweetWater Brewing turns 20 this year, and is celebrating their platinum anniversary by opening a massive barrel aging facility called The Woodlands. Sweetwater has executed some killer barrel aged beers in the past, but the brewery is probably best known for creating easy-drinking pales and IPAs in cans. Founder Freddy Bensch says that with 20 years under their belts, SweetWater can “give more time to projects we’ve always aspired to do, like working on higher end, more time consuming and complicated beers.”

The Woodlands, which is scheduled to open this weekend, is a 37,000-square-foot, brick and wood building that sits next to the existing SweetWater Brewery dedicated to aging beers in massive oak foeders and smaller barrels. Eventually, they’d like to start creating four beers a year out of the space, focusing on “wild, Brett beers and other progressive styles.” SweetWater has already released the first beer under the Woodlands Project label, a blackberry sour called Through the Brambles.

Check out the gallery for a peak into the new space, as well as notes about the first beer to carry the Woodlands name.