Troegs' Label Redesign is One of the Best We've Seen

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Troegs' Label Redesign is One of the Best We've Seen

In anticipation of its 20th anniversary in 2017, Tröegs Brewing Co.’s branding recently underwent a makeover. Brothers Chris and John Trogner, the owners, were so impressed by designer Lindsey Tweed’s labels for Tröegs Hop Knife and Blizzard of Hops, that they asked her to redesign everything, from their logo to all their beer labels. “We wanted to celebrate each individual beer’s taste,” says marketing director Jen Adams.

The result is a minimalist design that has a very different look than Tröegs’ previous label art. “Chris and John liked the organic, hand-drawn approach,” Adams says. “Standing out is important. Craft beer shelves are getting crowded.” The new label designs use the same color palette and Tröegs logo, giving the entire line a consistent look.

The Trogner brothers collaborated closely with Tweed for each beer label, discussing sketches over video conferences. A few designs were approved immediately, while others evolved over several drafts. The results are paying off. Adams says, “People love the design. It’s strong and consistent and compelling.”

Take a look at the gallery for Troegs’ new artwork, as well as a sample of their older style.