What If Every Brewery In the Country Collaborated On a Single Beer?

Drink Video
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Craft Beer Week is upon us yet again (May 16-22). I know what you’re thinking; Every week is craft beer week. And you’re right. But there’s nothing wrong with making it official. Be sure you get a card out to your favorite brewer on time. Don’t screw this up the way you always screw up Mother’s Day.

This year, because collaborations are so hot right now, every craft brewery in America joined forces to create a single beer to celebrate the week. Sort of. It’s “The Biggest Small Beer Ever Made,” with breweries from all 50 states using the same recipe to brew the same beer. Check out the video (there’s a smoke machine! And spinning!), and start mapping out your plan of attack to hit your favorite 60 craft breweries in seven days. That’s roughly 8.5 breweries a day. We think you can do it.