Now There's a Whiskey Deodorant

Drink Features Whiskey Deodorant
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Now There's a Whiskey Deodorant

Most of us actively try to disguise the fact that we went on a whiskey bender the night before when we head to work on Monday morning. But one couple from Colorado has created a deodorant that does exactly the opposite. Called “Pit Liquor Whiskey,” the concoction is exactly what it sounds like: liquor for your pits.

“Pit Liquor works because we use incredibly high-alcohol-content (organic) liquor. Each of our other ingredients is present to help your underarm be a microbiome free of stench-causing bacteria. We’ve done over a year of research and trials to figure out the best way to quench your stench and have a little fun with it,”reads the company’s Kickstarter page, where you can pledge cash to make the booze-filled deodorant a reality.

Rather than reeking of booze, the deodorant uses liquor as a base for its product, much like other deodorants might use a standard alcohol.


It was created when one of its founders was pregnant and didn’t want to continue to use traditional chemical-filled deodorants.

The product uses whiskey as a base and then incorporates teas to give the product a pleasant smell (not the smell of a bender gone wrong). Current choices include Whiskey Black Pepper, Whiskey Vanilla, and Whiskey Lavender.

A $7 pledge to the Kickstarter campaign will score you a 1oz. spray bottle of the deodorant. For $11 you can get a 3.4oz. bottle, which the page says is enough of the spray deodorant to get most people through three months.

Both bottles will also be available for sale on the company’s website for a $1 more than their Kickstarter price.