You Can Now Order Food Through Facebook, Making Everything Even Easier

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The internet keeps making things easier. You’re already on Facebook all the time, and now the social media network will allow you to order food through a restaurant’s Facebook page.

This is one of several new features the site is rolling out. Others include the ability to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster and the ability to book appointments at places like nail or hair salons.

While you can’t order food through every restaurant’s Facebook page, you can put in an order at any of the 12,000+ restaurants that use, or any of the 6,000+ restaurants that use Slice. Restaurants that don’t use these sites, and instead use sites like Seamless, will not offer Facebook ordering as an option.

Facebook wants to be a one-stop website where you go to do pretty much everything. Ordering food is just one more step in their global takeover. Now go order some Chinese.

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