Farmers' Market Fetish: Richmond, Virginia

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Farmers' Market Fetish: Richmond, Virginia

Just over the James River from downtown Richmond is the South of the James Farmers’ Market, located in lush Forest Hill Park. The open-air market is bordered by Forest Hill, an idyllic, family-friendly neighborhood of cozy bungalows and capes. The farmers’ market is the largest in the Richmond area, with more than 100 vendors running the gamut from popular food trucks to area farmers to talented local craftspeople and nonprofits.

Year-round, the market is open on Saturdays. Since Richmond isn’t too far from the Chesapeake Bay, you’ll find plenty of fresh oysters and crabs. Other finds include locally made sausage, fresh-cut flowers, homemade breads with a variety of flavor profiles, and more produce than you can shake a celery stalk at.

I ventured out to the market the other Saturday in search of fava beans, which—even though they are in season—are a rare find. I left without the favas, but came out with a successful market haul: delicate peonies, a medley of mushrooms, stalks of red kale, spring onions, red radishes and strawberries, and a loaf of bread studded with Kalamata olives.

The Farmer’s Market at St. Stephens on Saturday is a favorite for folks in Richmond’s West End. And, if you can’t quite make it out of bed on Saturday morning, the Byrd House Farmers’ Market on Tuesday evenings and Carytown’s Farmers’ Market on Sunday are great places to pick up fresh produce, too.

Happy shopping!

Marissa Hermanson is a freelance writer and editor in Richmond, Virginia. Her stories have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Forbes Travel Guide, Ski, and Southern Living. When not writing, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen with glass of wine in hand.