Farmers' Market Fetish: São Paulo, Brazil

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Farmers' Market Fetish: São Paulo, Brazil

The seemingly endless amount of produce in Brazil makes this country one of the best places in the world to be a farmer, and certainly one of the best places to find a farmers’ market. In São Paulo outdoor markets are virtually everyday popping up in different places throughout the city. I stopped by two markets one weekend, with close to 20 vendors at each location.

Browsing the aisles you can find everything from exotic fruit stands to farmers selling assorted veggies, spices, fish, and everything in between. When you’re tired of shopping you can rest, have a beer, or grab a traditional Brazilian snack like pastel or coxinha. Thanks to inexpensive costs, getting a weekly dose of fresh produce in Brazil has never been easier. Here is a little taste of what you might see at a farmers’ market in São Paulo, Brazil.

Stephen Grant is a web communications professional, freelance writer and expat currently in São Paulo, Brazil. Stephen has a column for The Huffington Post Blog that covers mostly music, arts and travel. He has written for websites such as EQ Music, Too Good for Radio, The Arts Paper and #ARTNHV. Follow articles and photographs by Stephen online at