June Instagallery: Berries

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June Instagallery: Berries

The summer is finally here, and it’s imperative to enjoy all it has to offer. Beyond the bliss that is basking in the sun and being a beach whale on the shore are the seasonal summer foods. One of the best summer foods to indulge in — berries. Be they blueberries, raspberries or boysenberries, you can literally take your pick. Instagram allows us to see how folks are enjoying berries the world over, with berry-picking in South Carolina and berry-clad desserts from here to Poland.

1. @marianelaco1 2. @madame__caramel 3. @nika_art101 4. @givemesweetness 5. @glennscottphoto 6. @sarahrossiniphoto 7. @majachocolat 8. @anneauchocolat 9. @lahealthylatina 10. @daviosrestaurant

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