Lauren & Annie Try Mukbang

Food Video
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The internet never ceases to be a wellspring of revelation and oddity. Rule 34. The “why you lyin’” vine. Wincest. And, now: mukbang. Mukbang, or gastronomic voyeurism (ew), is a South Korean (of course it is) internet sensation where “BJs” (broadcasting jockeys) eat copious plates of food while live broadcasting to viewers who send them money. The word combines the Korean words for eating and broadcast. Obviously. Several BJs have become so successful that mukbang is their primary source of income. Yeah, no, really.

When presented with the prospect of eating pizza as a part of work, we jumped on the idea faster than you can say, “It’s not a sex thing, we swear!”. Banking on the same idea behind the Instagram @h0tgirlseatingpizza, we thought we’d try mukbang the American way: with Papa John’s and two white girls talking excitedly about food.