McDonald’s is Being Sued for Discriminating Against Blind Customers

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35-year-old Scott Magee, a blind man from Louisiana, is suing McDonald’s for its refusal to accommodate nondrivers during its late night hours. The franchise currently has policies set in place that refuse to serve pedestrians in its drive-thrus, even during late-nite hours when counter service is not offered. According to the complaint, these policies are a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Magee visited the burger joint by foot in August 2015 and asked for service through the drive-thru window after the store’s entrances were closed. According to the suit, attendants “refused service to him, laughed, and told him to go away.”

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in Northern Illinois, targets the late-night policies at a Metairie, Louisiana McDonald’s and seeks accommodation for the blind at McDonald’s drive-thrus and compensation for court costs and damages, though no amount is specified. Magee is being represented by New Orleans-based lawyer, Roberto Luis Costales.

Last year, another blind man filed a currently pending lawsuit against McDonalds for its using touch screen soda machines in New York, according to The Chicago Tribune. Emmett Magee, the brother of the plaintiff, sued Coca-Cola for a similar complaint involving touch screens last year, which is currently being appealed.