Spiciest Tortilla Chip in The World Sold One at A Time

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Spiciest Tortilla Chip in The World Sold One at A Time

If you’re one of those people who’s always bragging that you love spicy foods, then now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Paqui Chips has created the Carolina Reaper Madness Chip, a tortilla chip made with the spiciest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper, along with ghost pepper (the former hottest pepper) and chipotle seasoning.

The chip is so hot that Paqui only sells them one at a time. It comes in a coffin-shaped box and has the Grim Reaper plastered across its front just to remind you of what you’re getting yourself into.

Speaking to Mashable, Jeff Day, brand manager for Paqui Chips, said:

The reason that we’re selling this as one chip is because quite honestly, that’s all that you need. That’s all that anyone needs. It’s the hottest chip you’ll ever have, I can guarantee you that. After you eat that one chip, trust me, you’re not looking to dig back into the bag and have a second one.

For those brave enough, Paqui will reward you for eating the chip. Record your attempt at eating it and send a tweet to @PaquiTortillas with the hashtags #onechipchallenge and #sweeps, and you’ll get a free bag of (presumably less scorching) chips. You’ll also be entered into a raffle for a year’s supply of chips and a GoPro. Seems like a good deal for eating just one chip, but at the same time, we dare not underestimate the Reaper’s heat.

The Carolina Reaper Madness Chip will be available online here by the end of September, and will be sold in select stores starting in October—it will cost you $4.99 (and a world of pain). You can check to see if its coming to a store near you here, and find full details on the One Chip Challenge here.

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