Reading Terminal Market in the City of Brotherly Grub

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Reading Terminal Market in the City of Brotherly Grub

Philadelphia is experiencing a big boom of late. Aside from seamlessly hosting this year’s Democratic National Convention and last year’s papal visit, the city was also granted the status of being the Nation’s first World Heritage City in 2015. Of course, all of these accolades, awards and high profile guests call for a city-wide celebration, which they are busy doing, as Philly is also killing it on the foodie front.

Philadelphia is fast becoming a go to city for the food enthused. The booming restaurant
scene is evident in several sections of the city, where long-standing, local celeb chefs and newer chefs are seriously pushing the culinary envelope. If you’re looking to take a bite out of this city to taste and celebrate the City of Brotherly Grub, there is no better place than Philly’s Reading Terminal.

The Reading Terminal Market is the longest continuously running market in the U.S. It opened its doors in 1892, but the locale has a long history of market life that dates as far back as the late 17th century. Today the 39,000 square-foot structure is a definitive mix of the old and the new with more than 75 vendors feeding as many as 6.4 million hungry visitors, locals and tourists alike, each year.

Bassetts Ice Cream, the oldest ice cream company in the U.S., was founded in 1861 and was the first stand to sign a lease at Reading in 1892. Condiment is their newest stand, opening its counter this week. In between the two is a wide range of ethnically diverse vendors and restaurants serving Greek, Italian, French, Thai, Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine. There are also several Pennsylvania Dutch vendors from Lancaster County, a soul food stand and a few Philly faves like DiNic’s and Carmen’s.

Don’t be surprised if you are elbow to elbow with Bill Clinton who recently hosted his VIP DNC lunch at the terminal. Barack Obama has also been known to get his cheesesteak on at Carmen’s. The place has seen it’s share of famous faces.

If heading over, word to the wise. Philadelphians are serious about their food and their sports teams. If you are not an Eagles fan, yeah, you better keep that to yourself. It is the City of Brotherly Love, until you cross that green line. Then it gets ugly. Now go get your grub on!