There Are New Blueberry Pie and Fruity Pebbles-Inspired Oreos

Food News
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Donald Trump is missing out. Because of his recent boycott of Oreos, he’ll never to be able to taste-test the two new limited-edition flavors that Oreo has just announced, Blueberry Pie and Fruity Crisp.

Blueberry Pie Oreos will be available exclusively at Target, starting June 6. This flavor will feature two vanilla wafers that sandwich a pastel purple filling resembling blueberry pie. The Fruity Pebble-inspired Fruity Crisp Oreo, which features two vanilla wafers with a funfetti filling, will be available at Ahold, Wegmans, HEB, AWG, HyVee, Winn Dixie/Bi-Lo, Giant Eagle, Price Chopper and Meijer, starting June 1.

Previously Oreo has created a Candy Corn Oreo, a Filled Cupcake Oreo, Red Velvet Oreos, S’mores Oreos and Cinnamon Bun Oreos. Find out Paste’s all-time favorite flavor here.