These Pasta Sculptures Take Semolina to New Heights

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These Pasta Sculptures Take Semolina to New Heights

Did you ever make crafts from dried pasta and glue as a kid? The Russian artist Serghei Pakhomoff takes that concept to an entirely different level. In advertising by trade, he discovered his gift for making intricate pasta sculptures in a most tangential fashion. “Ten years ago, I worked with an advertising campaign of a local pasta factory in my hometown,” Pakhomoff told Paste in an email. “The factory was closed, and my idea to make something original from pasta grew [out of] that.”

A single sculpture can take Pakhomoff up to 30 hours to create. “Usually I use different kinds of pasta on the supermarket’s shelves—penne, spaghetti, elbow macaroni, ziti, bucattini, ruotte, linguini, etc. If some detail from daily life reminds me of some pasta shape…I go to my table and create new model or sculpture.”

Does Pakhomof, who had a book of his sculptures come out in Russia, like to eat or cook pasta? “Why not,” he says. “I really love pasta with cheese and mushrooms.”