The 7 Best Vegan Blogs You've Never Heard Of

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The 7 Best Vegan Blogs You've Never Heard Of

The blogosphere is big. So big, in fact, that finding anything worthwhile in that melange of madness can feel like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

For anyone into a vegan way of life, well, the landscape is just as muddled. You’re probably familiar with plenty of uber-famous sites and personalities that specialize in picture-perfect plant-based eats, but what if you’re looking for something new, different, or edgy?

To that end, we’ve scoured the vast corners of the web to bring you an assortment of lesser-known veg-strong blogs you’ll want to bookmark. You’re now officially set for end-of-summer reading (and recipe) material.

1. Olives for Dinner

The name of this blog alone should be enough enticement to read. I mean, who hasn’t eaten dinner at the Whole Foods olive bar, and loved every minute of it? Run by Erin (the chef) and her husband, Jeff (the photographer), this blog is all about mouthwatering recipes and sleek, sexy imagery. Designed for ethical vegans, her food is often indulgent and always delicious. In her words: “ethical veganism and dietary perfection are not the same thing.” As far as her edible creations, think crispy vegan shrimp toast (yes, really); vegan bacon egg and cheese biscuits; vegan chick’n and waffles with sriracha-maple syrup … seriously now, there’s nothing on this blog that an omnivore wouldn’t adore.

2. Yup It’s Vegan

For all the culinary skeptics out there, Shannon’s blog is proof that you can have your health and eat tasty food, too. As an athlete, she opts out of alternative meats and cheeses and stays veggie-strong, whipping up recipes that feed both body and conscience (because no animals are harmed, obvi, and that’s good for the soul). Her creations tend to have a global twist — think baked pretzel empanadas; one pot tandoori quinoa; tofu bulgogi; and kale falafel. Most of her recipes are pretty simple, and include easily accessible ingredients, so even kitchen noobs will find her stuff easy to follow.

3. Veggies Don’t Bite

Sophia’s style is clean and aesthetically appealing, with gorgeous photos accompanying every edible creation. She believes in being gentle with your dietary path, so no judgments here if you’re an imperfect eater (who isn’t?). Her recipes are plant-based, gluten-free and refined sugar-free — perfect for families, health-conscious herbivores and anyone looking for some delicious ideas that won’t clog the old arteries. From Sophia, you’ll find the likes of vegan queso blanco; healthy vegan “churro” ice cream; vegan blueberry French toast breakfast muffins; vegan pizza burritos and lots more along those lines.

4. Edible Musings

If you’re into optimal health and clean living, Lauren’s plant-based blog is big on fruits, veggies, and healthy whole foods — but her recipes are just as satisfying as the stomach-stretching alternatives. With several plant-based nutrition certifications under her belt, Lauren has a talent for transforming classic dishes into vegan versions that are filling, colorful, and wildly nutritious. Plus, her recipes are pretty simple, so even amateur culinarians can handle her creations. Choices run the gamut from un-fried mushrooms with aioli dipping sauce to Swiss cheeze to better than grandma’s chicken soup, and she offers recipe options perfect for potlucks, cozy dinners, parties and every other occasion.

5. Lagusta’s Luscious

So what’s a Lagusta? In a few words, an ecofeminist, locavore, anti-corporate chocolate purveyor and vegan chef. Owner of the New Paltz, NY, sweets shop, Lagusta’s Luscious (and nearby Commissary!, plus NYC’s Confectionary!), the creative chocolatier somehow finds the time to keep up with her biting, hilarious and totally insightful blog. You may have run across her famous vegan deviled eggs recipe — and there’s way more where those came from. But it’s not just recipes. Via the blog, Lagusta tackles lots of tough and interesting subjects, from small business ownership to gender politics to the joys of breakfast soup. She’s witty, brilliant and offers amazing insights into an array of subjects. Read from her, learn from her, buy vegan chocolate from her. (Oh, and for bucket list inspiration, check out her Fruit Life List.)

6. Vegan Crunk

If you’re into dirty South-style cooking, Vegan Crunk is up your alley. Run by Southern-born Bianca (who also goes by the nickname Crunk Master B), the blog is big on vegan twists on old school classics, plus detailed rundowns of tasty vegan meals Bianca has consumed while out and about. “Stuff I Ate” is a popular — and useful — theme. She covers new products (vegan fruit roll ups!), highlights tasty restaurants, writes cookbook reviews, offers occasional giveaways, and posts other random stuff surrounding vegan eating. Then there are her recipes — generally hearty, with serious omnivore-appeal. There’s the baked prairie seitan; the low-calorie vegan mac and cheese; the vegan s’mores ghosties for Halloween — and so on.

7. Bring Joy

Considering that 98 percent of the population is still into eating animals, raising conscious kiddos isn’t always easy. They tend to feel the pressure of peers more than adults — and they’re notoriously picky — a difficult combo if there ever was one. So if you’ve got a family of your own and you need some moral (and recipe) support, Bring Joy is an awesome blog that offers all of the above. Run by Mormon mom and fitness coach Janae Wise, the site is divided into sections: Eat, Save, Live, Read — and covers everything from recipes to mothering to body image to getting out of debt. Currently Janae and family are living in Okinawa, a region of Japan known for a plant-eating, centenarian population, so she has lots of interesting stuff to say. If you’re a vegan parent looking for someone who understands your struggles, it’s Janae.