We Went to Twin Peaks Tuesday and Ate Killer Cherry Pie

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We Went to <i>Twin Peaks</i> Tuesday and Ate Killer Cherry Pie

Since mumblings back in 2015, the Twin Peaks reboot has sparked quite a bit of interest in the strange world David Lynch presented us with back in 1990. Netflix’s availability of the two seasons has bred a new generation of Log Lady lovers and Audrey aficionados (Butter & Scotch definitely has an affection for her, and her cherry stem-tying skills). Businesses have picked up on viewers’ yearnings to enter staple settings, like the Roadhouse and the RR Diner. Fortunately, on the first Tuesday of every month, Brooklyn’s Butter & Scotch holds their very own Twin Peaks Night.

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“The idea was sparked by a pop-up diner we hosted at Butter & Scotch,” Butter & Scotch owner Allison Kave said. “Our friends Claire and Jeremy of The Brickyard took over our kitchen and space for one night and did a RR Diner-themed dinner, for which we created dessert and cocktail pairings. We’ve done a bunch of popup collaborations in the past, but this one really suited our space and overall vibe.”

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She continued, “There’s something about the twisted yet retro aesthetic of Twin Peaks that is a great fit for our bar. I’m also personally a huge fan of the show. I never watched it when it was first on, just caught pop culture glimpses of it as I was growing up, but I became a big fan in my twenties and have binge watched the series a number of times.” At the B&S Twin Peaks Night, a special menu is served, featuring Fire Walk With Me Totchos, a Laura Palmer Wrapped in Plastic, and of course, A Cherry Pie That’ll Kill Ya. It was no surprise that coffee as “Black as midnight on a moonless night” could be added to accompany the slice for just $2.

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While the cheery bartender Ashley refilled my (very) black coffee, I asked if any customers had taken advantage of the free “Jell-ohh” shot promised for anyone who dressed up as a Twin Peaks character. Ashley hadn’t seen any Agent Coopers or Laura Palmers, yet, but she told me that she herself was dressed as an extra from the show, “someone who would’ve been in [Laura Palmer’s] math class, but wouldn’t have been important enough to be questioned by the cops.”

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As for the atmosphere, Butter & Scotch more than delivered. Roy Orbison tunes were overlapped with the show’s score (composed by Angelo Badalamenti), and the lights were dimmed just at the right level of eerie. “We want people to feel like they’re stepping into the RR Diner… we have cute outfits, Twin Peaks is playing on the projector, and everyone is chowing down on breakfast for dinner,” added Kave. As I scanned the bar’s various liquors, I couldn’t help but notice the large plastic owl, staring back at me, a touch that Agent Cooper definitely would have taken note of. A fan of heartthrob James and resident timber-toter the Log Lady, I asked Allison which characters especially intrigued her. “Agent Cooper and Audrey Horne are two of my faves on hotness alone, but there are so many I love… the relationship between Andy and Lucy is adorable, and I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever been as viscerally terrified of a TV character as I am of Bob.”

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Fortunately, the people I chatted with were far from terrifying. On my right was a young woman waiting for her date to arrive. It was their first date, and I couldn’t help but reminisce over all the romances that flourished throughout the two seasons of Twin Peaks. Earlier in the night, an older man approached the bar to pickup two slices of Butter & Scotch’s renowned Birthday Cake (one for his wife’s birthday), and we shared stories of our fondness for Twin Peaks. It’s not a long shot to say David Lynch’s mesmerizing Pacific Northwest world is similar to food—both seem to have a habit of bringing people of all ages together.

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While at Butter & Scotch, I made like a true fan and chowed down on a BLT, served on a flaky biscuit and complete with “cremated” bacon, as Agent Cooper would have requested. For dessert, the killer cherry pie was a must, but I added some campfire variety with a slice of Smores pie, satisfying my inner Major Briggs. With tart cherries and gooey marshmallow overlapping on my plate, I felt like Agent Cooper when he consumed his first “damn fine” cup of coffee.

twin peaks_butter and scotch_donut_inline.jpg

Of course, the bar is known for their themed drinks, and Kave told me about her personal favorite. “The Coffee & Donuts on the Rocks: it’s made with Cinnamon Toast Crunch-Infused Denizen Rum, Caffe Borghetti Espresso Liquer, and Maple Syrup—basically it’s a rum Old Fashioned that tastes pretty much exactly like eating coffee & donuts!”

Next time you’ve got a hankering for a trip to the Great Northern, One Eyed Jack’s, or the spooky forest, stop into Butter & Scotch on their Twin Peaks Night instead—bring a friend, or a log.

Top photo of cherry pie by John Morton CC BY-SA