Cook Up These Colorful The Settlers of Catan-Inspired Food Boards

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The best way to pay homage to our favorite table-top games is to rebuild them as giant platters of our favorite foods, obviously.

Whipping up a clever and appealing board of munchies is no easy task, though. The strategy involved in the construction (or deconstruction) of the perfect geek-treat tray requires a certain level of dedication on the maker’s part and, preferably, an easily translatable universe on the game designer’s end. Understanding how to piece together attractive color palettes and interesting geometric designs doesn’t hurt either.

The challenge seems like a perfect one for fans of The Settlers of Catan multiplayer board game. Who else would be better prepared to barter and acquire all the necessary ingredients to design and then build an intricate arrangement of tasty edibles than these table top role players?

Lucky for them, Chris-Rachael Oseland’s upcoming Wood For Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook, offers hundreds of cooking strategies for putting together that perfectly hexagonal settlement-inspired spread.

Check out these tasty looking food boards perfect for your comic-con pre-gaming and after parties based on Oseland’s crafty recipes, courtesy of Kitchen Overlord.