Gravity Rush 2 Gets a Release Date and an Anime Adaptation

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Gravity Rush 2 is coming out for PS4 on Dec. 2 of this year. However, ahead of its release date, an anime series adaptation is being released. Titled Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture, this series aims to bridge the gap between the original and the sequel.

The series is being produced by Studio Khara, which animated the Evangelion films and even assisted on Studio Ghibli films such as From Up on Poppy Hill and The Wind Rises. There’s not much else known about the series, but there’s a good chance we’ll learn more at Tokyo Game Show in September.

The original Gravity Rush came out on the PS Vita in 2009 and was remastered for the PS4 earlier this year. Gravity Rush centered on Kat, a superhero with the ability to change the direction of gravity around her. The game’s free-falling movement and combat system felt fluid and unique, while its superhero origin story was charming. From what we’ve seen of the sequel, it definitely seems to be taking advantage of the added power of the PS4 for a much bigger and more detailed city.

The latest trailer, which you can watch below, introduces a new character for Gravity Rush 2, Angel, a superhero with abilities similar to Kat’s. Gravity Rush 2 also sees the return of once-rival Raven, who’s become an ally for Kat since the first Gravity Rush. We’re looking forward to exploring this open-world superhero game when it releases in December.