Bewear, Mimikyu and More New Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and Moon Revealed

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Bewear, Mimikyu and More New Pokémon from <i>Pokémon Sun</i> and <i>Moon</i> Revealed

The new Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon’s region of Alola are shaping up to be quite the cute group. Today a new trailer showed off six new Pokémon. See them all below.


Screenshot 2016-07-19 10.08.27.png

Wimpod is as cowardly as its name would suggest. This Water/Bug-type Pokémon’s ability, Wimp Out, forces it to run away or switch out when its HP falls below 50 percent. Wimpod is a seafloor scavenger that devours any trash or refuse that finds its way down.


Screenshot 2016-07-19 10.08.50.png

Bounsweet is a Grass-type Pokémon. In the Alola Region this Pokémon is used as an “air freshener.” Poor thing deserves better than that.


pokemon comfey

Comfey, a new Fairy-type Pokémon, is a literal lei. This bundle of flowers is another expression of the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands influence inPokémon Sun and Moon. Comfey picks flowers that it carries around with it, giving off a soothing aroma that it uses to alleviate ailing people and Pokémon.


pokemon mudsdale

Mudsdale, a Ground type, is perhaps the toughest-looking new Pokémon revealed yet. Known as the Draft Horse Pokémon, Mudsdale can “destroy a car in a single blow” from its hind legs. Its ability, Stamina, raises its defense any time it gets attacked, making it even more durable in a fight.


pokemon bewear

Bewear is precious. This Normal/Fighting type “loves to give crushing bear hugs,” but it’s so strong that it often breaks whatever it’s hugging in two. It would almost be worth it just to receive a hug from it.


pokemon mimikyu

Mimikyu has already become a fan-favorite Pokémon. This cinnamon-roll just wants to be loved, so it tries to dress up as the Pokémon everyone adores: Pikachu. Pokémon fans have already created a ton of fan works about the Ghost/Fairy type. This one below is by Tumblr user Ko-Yuki-chan.

mimikyu fan art.jpg

The Pokémon Company also debuted two new features coming to Pokémon Global Link related to online battling. Players will now be able to set up their own Pokémon competitions through the Global Link. The first type of competition is the Online Competition, where trainers will battle others from around the world. Players can set it to so they can fight anyone or only pre-approved trainers. The other type of competition is the Live Competition, which allows players to host competitions with other players in the same area by scanning QR codes.

pokemon competitions

Lastly, a brand new feature called Hyper Training was announced. Before, when your Pokémon hit level 100, that was it. No more training. They would be at that strength forever. Now, with Hyper Training, level 100 Pokémon can increase their stats (Strength, Speed, Defense, etc.) with the help of a new character, Mr. Hyper. This is done through a new in-game item: Bottle Caps. Taking a page from the Fallout series, players can exchange Bottle Caps for Hyper Training.

The Pokémon Company has been steadily revealing Pokémon for the past few months. You can catch up with all the new Pokémon here and here and here, oh, and here. To see these new Pokémon in action, watch the full trailer below.