Dungeon Crawler Boyfriend Dungeon Lets You Date Your Very Attractive Weapons

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Dungeon Crawler <i>Boyfriend Dungeon</i> Lets You Date Your Very Attractive Weapons

Developer Kitfox sure knows how to make a high-concept game. Their previous offering, The Shrouded Isle, was a Lovecraftian sim game that allowed players to manage a cult. Kitfox Games today announced their newest project, Boyfriend Dungeon, a dungeon crawler that allows you to fight monsters, earn loot and obtain weapons.

It’s also a dating simulator.

Those weapons that you rescue are also people—hot people. After earning all of that cash, you can use it to take your weapon out to a nice dinner. If you ask us, this game concept is an excellent recreation of the real-life dilemma of balancing work life and love life. The trailer teases three weapons/date mates whose love you can equip, with many more to be revealed in the future.

When early games like Pong were first created, we probably had no idea they would one day lead to this. We’re glad that they did, though. Check out the Boyfriend Dungeon announcement trailer before, and more information on their official website. The game releases sometime in 2019.