Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Coming This October

Games News Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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<i>Call of Duty: Modern Warfare</i> Is Coming This October

After a cryptic tease posted on Twitter by the official Call of Duty account just a few days back, a trailer for the newest title in the franchise has finally been unveiled.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will act as a reboot to the COD sub-series of the same name that was considered a watershed moment for the entire brand. Developer Infinity Ward is jumping back to reality to provide an experience that is more focused on gritty realism (for better or for worse).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will indeed include a single-player campaign, unlike the previous COD title, Black Ops 4, and seems to be the main drawing point for this reveal. The story will not be a direct continuation from Modern Warfare 3—instead, this game will be a “soft reboot” that picks up an entirely new story with familiar Call of Duty characters, namely the fan-favorite Captain Price.

Split into two separate halves, the campaign will feature stories from the eyes of a special forces Tier 1 operator, as well as a Middle Eastern rebel fighter. This choice was specifically made by the developers to further show and expand upon the multiple points of view within a conflict, presumably in an effort to look at war in videogames through a new lens.

But the Call of Duty franchise hasn’t always been known for its interesting takes on the topic of war—on the contrary, the series has been regularly criticized for its dissonant messaging when it comes to the subject. Memories are brought back from Modern Warfare 2’s ultra-controversial terrorist simulation level titled “No Russian.”

According to a report from Vice’s Austin Walker, a private press event for the game boasted some interesting content when it came to that aforementioned grittiness and realism, but the tides soon turned when the focus shifted to what sounds like a gun appreciation presentation. “The weapons are the stars, and the player must feel like a badass when they wield them,” Animation Director Mark Grigsby stated in regard to the Infinity Ward team’s mantra for Modern Warfare—a sentiment that doesn’t necessarily bode well for what we’ll see in the new game.

Time will tell if the studio gets it right when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases on Oct. 25. No matter how you feel about COD, this one is sure to make waves.

Check out the new title’s reveal trailer below.