Call of Duty Development Studio Evacuated over Bomb Threat

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<i>Call of Duty</i> Development Studio Evacuated over Bomb Threat

Infinity Ward—the development studio known for creating the Call of Duty series and developing several titles in the series, with the most recent being Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare—has been evacuated following a bomb threat, according to Kotaku.

Thankfully, employees were safely and smoothly evacuated this morning when police showed up at the Los Angeles studio to alert everyone inside.

According to various local media and police departments, bomb threats demanding bitcoin payment are being reported at news outlets, government buildings, banks, libraries, schools and other businesses across the U.S. this afternoon. The NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau states, “We are currently monitoring multiple bomb threats that have been sent electronically to various locations throughout the city. These threats are also being reported to other locations nationwide and are not considered credible at this time.”

The NYPD also states that no devices have been found and that the concerning email sent out seems to have been part of a hoax.

More on this story as it develops.

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