New Call of Duty Title All But Confirmed by "IIII" Logo on James Harden's Hat

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New <i>Call of Duty</i> Title All But Confirmed by "IIII" Logo on James Harden's Hat

2018’s new Call of Duty title more than likely won’t be officially announced until this summer, but the battle cat was pretty much let out of the bag on Tuesday night, thanks to a ridiculous reimagining of roman numerals, a hat and prolific NBA star James Harden.

The rumors, originally reported by Eurogamer, claiming that the next title in the series would be Black Ops IV were all but confirmed via the combined reporting of Kotaku and ESPN’s NBA Twitter account. A tweet from that account featured a video of Houston Rockets’ superstar guard James Harden entering the arena ahead of the night’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, wearing a hat displaying a “IIII” logo that looked incredibly similar to the Black Ops III logo.

Kotaku was able to confirm that the forthcoming game is indeed a new Black Ops title, thanks to two sources familiar with the game’s development. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise, considering it is Treyarch’s—the developer behind the previous three Black Ops games—turn to produce the yearly FPS offering. The real surprise came when the logo featured on Harden’s hat was confirmed to be the official logo for what is now known as Black Ops IV.

Activision has yet to comment publicly on the reports or the logo proudly displayed by “The Beard,” but they certainly know how to subtly get the word out, if this is a marketing ploy. Regardless, that logo would have gotten the gaming community talking, no matter whose hat brandished it. It’s appears that Black Ops IV (or is it Black Ops IIII?) will be so near-future that roman numerals have been redefined. We’re sure there will be more details to come on the road to E3 2018.

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