Capcom Will Resurrect Resident Evil 4 For PS4, Xbox One on August 30

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Capcom will continue to make good on its dark promise to reanimate past Resident Evil games in HD with the re-release of Resident Evil 4 on Aug. 30.

Like the recently released HD version of Resident Evil 5, the remaster of the classic 2005 third-person survival-horror game will include all of the bonus content and add-ons. This includes the post-campaign modes like New Game Plus and Mercenary, in addition to Ada Wong’s side-mission.

The game will also feature the nifty $20 price tag of this year’s other remasters, as well.

Resident Evil 4 follows Special Agent Leon Kennedy as he attempts to save the President’s daughter from an evil cult called Los Illuminados in Spain. The game was met with universal acclaim upon its initial release and took the top spot in our ranking of the series’ many, many games, redefining the look and feel of Resident Evil in the process.

Fans of the series feeling buried in nostalgia can look toward the promising, probably P.T.-inspired vibe of the trailer for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, due for release on Jan. 24 of next year. The demo for that game recently set a PS4 record for the most downloaded single-person demo for the system, with two million downloads in its first two weeks of release. Watch the trailer below.

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