The First Big Civilization VI Expansion is Rise and Fall

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The First Big <i>Civilization VI</i> Expansion is <i>Rise and Fall</i>

Civilization VI is receiving its first major expansion in the form of Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. Per the official Civilization website, this content promises to allow players’ empires to become more dynamic, as players attempt to win loyalty from their cities and their subjects.

Civilizations will go through “Golden Ages” and “Dark Ages,” much as they do in real life. These Ages will last through entire Eras, and will support or hurt Loyalty in the player’s cities. Going through a Dark Age obviously hurts Loyalty, but will allow for “special Dark Age policies” and make future Golden Ages easier to earn.

The Loyalty system is a huge addition, as it allows control over a city to flip even without military force—Low Loyalty can lead to internal uprisings, leading to “Free Cities.” Additionally, Rise and Fall will add “Historic Moments” that “highlight the interesting turning points in your civilizations,” adding a uniqueness to each play-through.

Check out the website for more details—Civilization VI: Rise and Fall (trailer below) will release on Feb. 8, 2018.

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