The 25 Best Clash Royale Cards

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The 25 Best <i>Clash Royale</i> Cards

If you play mobile games, you’ve probably heard of Clash Royale, a mash-up of genres and styles that currently reigns as one of the most popular games on iOS and Android. Targeting all ages, it provides a challenge while still maintaining an unmatched ease-of-entry. That’s part of why Clash Royale made it on to Paste’s Best Mobile Games of 2016 list.

Despite being a title that heavily features micro transactions, you’ll rarely feel like you lost a game because someone else spent more money on the game than you did. It’s highly skill-intensive, but there’s a wide enough range of arenas and groups within the game that you’ll never feel like you’re completely outmatched.

It also has a strong social hook to keep you motivated. While you’re never asked to explicitly communicate with other players, the game provides you with heaps of rewards for doing so. It’s tough to find mobile games with such a vibrant, healthy online space.

Clash Royale features a massive host of cards to utilize in your battles, but which ones are the best? While the best cards will change as you progress through the game’s many arenas, here’s a quick but definitive guide to the most all-around effective units in the game.

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